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Financial Wellness Program

Financial Anxiety is rooted in an unhealthy relationship with money; living between paychecks, deep in debt, clueless about profitable investments, and having no picture of a financial future on retirement.

Financial Coaching provides a path and a guiding light out of such darkness.

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Who Needs Financial Coaching?

Financial coaches help you visualize a link between your current financial situation and habits and a much healthier position in line with your vision.
Do you have a vision of financial freedom that you are not yet living? If your answer is yes, you should book a session with us right away.

You will benefit from having a personal finance coach if you tick one of the following boxes:
 - You have no concrete financial plans for your monthly living
 - You are neck-deep in debt
 - You live from paycheck to paycheck
 - You do not have a healthy saving and investment culture
 - You feel you can do better with your finances
 - Your student loans just never seem to go away
 - Your finances are putting a strain on your relationships or marriage

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Financial principles can be learned and applied in the fulfillment of personal financial goals. This financial coaching program was put together to introduce participants to the rudiments of financial planning, money management, debt management, financial risks, and other pertinent concepts.

Featuring life-like examples, participants are prepared to flow seamlessly with their financial coach throughout the coaching process. The program is recommended for our prospective or actual customers who desire the best quality of service.

What Does This Course Cover?

Participants will be introduced to financial concepts, elements, and tools that are applied in fixing financial issues and reaching set goals.

Some concepts that are covered in this 6-Month Financial Coaching Course include:

  • Setting Definite Financial Goals
  • Creating Strategies to Achieve Set Goals
  • Financial Instruments, Budgeting, Loans, and Debts
  • Retirement and Estate Planning
  • Introduction to Investments
  • Money Management and Spending Plans

In our meetings we'll be going through 3 topics:

  1. Commitments: For you as my client to work the program for the entire six months, and for me your coach to educate, assist and provide accountability.
  2. Structure: We will provide an outline of the program, sign paperwork and schedule ongoing meetings.
  3. Action: I will provide key resources to enable immediately actionable steps to work towards your financial wellness.

I approach every first meeting in a data gathering, and educational format. I want to make sure I can glean all necessary points of information about your previous experiences, current situation, and future goals before we put anything into motion.

Afterwards the main focus will be threefold, education, assistance, and accountability:

  1. Education: cash flows, net worth, ratios, spending habits, financial services, taxes, employment benefits, credit (tools, scores, reports), debt management, identity theft prevention, major purchases, owning a home vs renting, insurance, investments, retirement, estate planning and more.
  2. Assistance: establish goals, strategies to implement goals, analyze debt to income ratio, wants vs needs, expenses, emergency funds, balance checking accounts, how to vet CPA's, creating purchase plans, affordable housing, evaluating risk, determine saving and investment needs, risk tolerances, investment types, retirement needs (short term, long term), wills and trusts, business succession, and more.
  3. Accountability: For the first 90 days there will be weekly scheduled hour-long sessions to make sure the program is being worked, and make any necessary adjustments if needed, after 90 days monthly meetings to fine tune the program and optimize success.

Program Costs

1 on 1 - Individual Solutions - $299/m

1 on 1 - Family Solutions - $499/m

1 on 1 - Business Solutions - $699/m

Group Sessions (3 max) - Individuals - $199/m

Group Sessions (3 max) - Families - $399/m

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