As a reward for your cleverness here is a special prize...shhh, it's a secret.

What's included:
  • Education: On such topics as, cash flows, net worth, ratios, spending habits, financial services, taxes, employment benefits, credit (tools, scores, reports), debt management, identity theft prevention, major purchases, owning a home vs renting, insurance, investments, retirement, estate planning and more.
  • Assistance: One-one-one action steps to, establish goals, strategies to implement goals, analyze debt to income ratio, wants vs needs, expenses, emergency funds, balance checking accounts, how to vet CPA's, Insurance Brokers, RIA's and other financial service professionals, creating purchase plans, affordable housing, evaluating risk, determine saving and investment needs, risk tolerances, investment types, retirement needs (short term, long term), wills and trusts, business succession, and more.
  • Accountability: Direct access to me, and for the first 90 days there will be weekly scheduled hour-long sessions to make sure the program is being worked, and make any necessary adjustments if needed, after 90 days monthly meetings to fine tune the program and optimize your success.
Pricing for 6 month programs:
  • Individual Coaching Program: Normally $299/m now only $117/m
  • Family Coaching Program: Normally $499/m now only $197/m
  • Business Coaching Program: Normally $899/m now only $357/m

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