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When we help people change the trajectory of their lives through financial literacy, wellness, and protection it has a profound effect, but to be a part of the bigger picture and help young people in at-risk situations from becoming just another statistic, that is Crane Financial Solutions' purpose. That is why we have partnered with these ministries, and non-profits around the city of Denver to be more of the change we want to see in the world. We are proud to announce we are giving 30% of our gross profits from ALL insurance-related sales and from our financial coaching programs to these wonderful people. Not only that, we are actively working to pour our time and energy into serving and investing in the young people of these programs and their staff, who work tirelessly. Thank you to our clients who are shouldering this vision with us in every policy you allow us to serve you in and referring your loved ones to us. Together we can really make a difference!
-John Krainer CEO

Denver Street School

The Denver Street School is more than just a school for our students, because they don’t simply need teachers and a classroom. Marked by deep pain, they need caring adults who will wholeheartedly seek after their well-being and help restore hope for a bright future. That’s who we are. At the core, that’s what we do. And we’ve been meeting the unique challenges of Denver’s struggling students for close to 40 years. We’re a 501c3, fully accredited, private, Christian high school on a mission to serve the whole student so they can thrive, not just survive.

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Save Our Youth

Save Our Youth connects young people to hope through long-term mentoring relationships.  Mentoring youth has been shown to have powerful positive effects on young people within their personal, academic and professional lives, which directly relates to their personal growth and development as well as social and economic opportunities.  Their vision is a world where every young person embraces their God-given worth.

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We are all in a state of recovery. Recovering from loss and recovering that which was lost. Whether that be innocence, joy, happiness, life, our choices, or anything else you face. It’s the story we see in Genesis. And in the finished work of Christ. Even in church, when we see people who are struggling and yet willing to be broken enough to admit that they don’t have it all together, we often look at them as “those people,” and God has put it on my heart that He wants a church filled with “those people.” People who are willing to be authentic, genuine, and real, without all the pretense.

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180 Ministries


180 Ministries’ comprehensive, residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment program in Denver offers services focused on the whole individual: mind, body and spirit. Total recovery may not happen if the whole person is not addressed.

It is our aim to return the addicted individual back to his family and community as a caring, responsible individual who is able to thrive as a productive and well-adjusted person. A complete 180.

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